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Hi all! Thank you for being part of Newhide family. Your trust in us has helped us to bring you something totally new and unique. We have always believed in prioritizing in building trust through excellent quality and service over everything else. We have managed to build trust with top brands that you’ve surely heard of, and now we’re going direct to consumer. Do check out our products, and if you have any doubt, don’t shy away from contacting us! We hope you have a great experience with our brands, Newhide for leather products and Hidedge for vegan, and return to us for any similar need in future. Cheers!



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Bought this bag for a friend as a gift. Great quality, new age design, super pricing , functionality 100%, fastest delivery upon order - made the whole experience with newhide so memorable. Icing on the cake was that the Friend loved the bag too … 👍👍
- Priya Srinivasu

Thank you for the quality of service provided by your company. We sincerely appreciate your efficient, gracious partner
service, the level of detail and accountability you have demonstrated on each product, and the way you conduct business
as a whole.
Very difficult to get the best price for the best quality product which is made very comfortable by you. Always there to
support us in any situation whenever needed.
We have, and will continue to, recommend your service to other companies and contacts. Our team could not be more
satisfied with your work, and we look forward to continuing this relationship.

- Nitu Agarwal

It is very important for any company to have a dependable Vendor. We are indeed very happy to be associated with your
JSD accessories company from 2016 till present and really appreciate the quality of Leather Accessories supplied for our
Lifestyle stores. There has not been a day when we had to complain about your professionalism & we really appreciate that you value
both time and money and deliver the goods within the agreed deadlines. The same can be said about your pricing policy
which are extremely competitive in the market. We have been able to increase our sales to 180% in the last year. 

- Sathish Nivas

It gives us immense pleasure to have a healthy business relationship with your company.
Your Accessories brands have shown distinguishable performance over the time and this is truly because
your product in all its features sells itself beyond expectations.
We hope to continue this alliance for long term.

- Sushil Sagar

Excellent quality and finish.
- Dharmil Thakker


I like everything you have to offer .. and now customization .. amazing concept.. now
we can get the perfect colour combination we want and don't have to settle for whats available
-Dr. Riddhi Rathi


Newhide products are truly genuine. The leather quality is exceptional and long lasting. I love every product of this brand for its design and value for money.
- Ketan Shah


A wallet was ordered for my husband. He loved the quality and colour combination made for the wallet. With special request given the wallet was delivered in very short time and right time for his birthday.
- Shanoo Redkar


I had a Newhide wallet since last 4 years, the exterior had torn off and I was looking for same in malls and markets both in mumbai, India and Doha, Quatar where I am working presently. I contacted Rakhi Desai through their website. All actions were taken immediately and Newhide delivered it.
- Anand S. Ankalagi

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